Methylene Blue Nootropic Dissolving Strips

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Methylene Blue Nootropic – Dissolving Strips

Our brains are the single most important organ in our body.  Even if everything else is working perfectly, without healthy brain function, we literally can’t even do simple day to day tasks and activities.

When we’re young, our brains are sharp, we have mental clarity, strong memory, creative problem-solving ability, and healthy mitochondrial energy levels.

Mitochondria are the energy producing centers of our brain cells…the powerhouse of our cells.

But as we age, those mitochondrial energy levels decline, and so does our attention, our memory and our mental clarity and agility. In other words, our brain starts degenerating.  This normally starts between ages of 30 and 40, however, as we are a product of the food we eat, our lifestyle habits and our environment can also affect how early or late our brain starts to degenerate.

That’s why everyone needs to improve their mitochondrial health, whether you’re looking to focus and perform better at work or school, striving to learn new things, or just want to maintain the health and performance of your brain!

And that’s why we created LiveGood Methylene Blue Nootropic Dissolving Strips.

A Nootropic is something that can improve our mental skills like memory, mood and longevity.

And Methylene blue is extremely unique in its ability to increase the amount of oxygen that is delivered to our brain cells which improves the energy producing factories in those cells; our mitochondria!

Methylene Blue is widely known as a super-charger for your biology at the cellular level because of its profound effect on mitochondria and energy production.  In fact, it’s so beneficial to our bodies, that it’s been used around the world for almost 200 years, AND is recognized by the World Health Organization on the list of Essential Medicines.

Yet, it’s still one of the best kept secrets in wellness…until NOW!

And with our unique dissolving strips to maximize absorption into the body, along with our highest quality ingredients, the LiveGood Methylene Blue Nootropic is quite possibly the best brain health product EVER CREATED!

How to use:

Each box contains 15 oral dissolving films to be used every other day for a 30 day supply. Wet your Mouth before using.  Open the foil and place one film on your tongue and allow it to dissolve. The brilliant blue salt will immediately turn your mouth blue, this is normal and expected. It is also normal to see blue or green urine for up to 2 days.

Pro Tip: Within 30 minutes of using, seek natural sunlight for at least 5 minutes of exposure. Methylene Blue is considered photo-dynamic which means it has a response to light and further increases the production of energy within the Mitochondria.

Pro Tip #2: The best time of day to use Methylene Blue is in the morning and especially beneficial for those practicing intermittent fasting.


  • Nootropic
  • Enhance memory
  • Protect brain cell health
  • Support positive mood
  • Improve focus and cognition


  • Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Do not use if you have a G6PD deficiency.
  • Consult a physician first if using a MAOI or SSRI medications often used to treat depression.

The LiveGood Methylene Blue Nootropic Dissolving Strips are made of a plant-based cellulose (pullulan). They include no sugar, no fillers, no junk. No water required. No effect on teeth. Fast acting. Easy to carry.

Caffeine Free Cruelty Free Gluten Free GMP Certified Keto Friendly Non GMO Nut Free Soy Free Third Party Tested Vegan Sugar Free

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Product Reviews:

Reviewed on January 22, 2024
I love this product so much! It gives me the focus and good energy that I haven’t had in a long time. Next time I’ll just use the techniques I’ve learned so that my tongue isn’t so blue. But it’s just as advertised. All these products are amazing. Thank you Livegood!
Reviewed on January 2, 2024
Even though my tongue turns bright BLUE it's completely worth it. Have more clarity in my thoughts and my mood is significantly better. BIG BLUE gets a thumbs 👍 up from me for sure!!
Reviewed on December 11, 2023
Love love love this product!! I had been wanting to get off my anti depressants as I didn't like the way I felt. Never any energy and was still depressed so why take them? Weaned off of them and then started the blue. I FEEL BETTER THEN I HAVE IN YEARS!! I am 68 and I look forward to taking my blue every other day! Thank you so much for this inexpensive way to feel alive and good again!!
Reviewed on November 21, 2023
I am so very grateful for Methylene Blue. It was interesting, I had never heard of it until my Functional medicine Dr suggested I start IV therapy of Methylene Blue as I have Mitochondrial dysfunction, since I'm a covid long hauler and experience terrible brain fog, difficulty managing my day to day tasks and lack of focus and stress comes as a bonus with all of that! The day I began my IV therapy, LiveGood launched their oral pharmaceutical grade Methylene Blue. I was elated because my Dr had planned on me taking oral Methylene Blue for maintenance at home but her brand was MUCH MORE costly than what LiveGood's was. I showed her the label and she approved since it was "pharmaceutical grade-USP". I've now been taking it daily(over 2 months) and I am so HAPPY! My brain fog is gone. Day by day now it's been as if more & more lil "puzzle pieces" from my memory keep coming back and the puzzle is getting to be a COMPLETE picture! And now, I can complete daily tasks without being mentally exhausted too. This is a supplement I am so grateful for and won't be without & thank You LiveGood for making it affordable too!!
Reviewed on November 15, 2023
This is one of my favs! I have health issues I’ve been dealing with and I’ve had a lot of brain fog the past year. I was also exposed to mold last summer and this has really helped with energy and metal clarity. I can even go longer than taking it every other day. Usually every 2-3 days is perfect for me. Highly recommend MB!!!!
Reviewed on November 14, 2023
Every product I use with LiveGood is a God Send. However This product is likely the single most important product that Live Good has introduced to date. Please go to YouTube and watch Methelyne Blue Revisted - Part 1 & Part 2 . And understand what a gift this is any price...and LG is offering it at $12.95 to the world. ??? OMG What a Blessing
Reviewed on November 12, 2023
I really love this product! I notice a difference in my thought quality...I feel much brighter, and more thoughtful. Also, I noticed an increase in good mood. I get mad pretty easy but with the methylene blue I am more focused and it's much harder to make me when I'm driving and come across dumb drivers, it helps me brush it off much easier. I'm impressed! I give this product 10 Diamonds! 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎
Reviewed on November 10, 2023
I absolutely LOVE this product. It's like taking a limitless pill or something. For me, I get a sustained burst of focus, clarity, and energy. I also enjoy better ideas and a higher level of creativity when I take it. All of the effects last for several hours. If you're looking to enjoy more focus, clarity, and energy. Or, you just want to increase your production and level up your creativity in whatever it is you're trying to accomplish... I HIGHLY recommend trying out the "Blue!"
Reviewed on December 1, 2023
The product works as advertised as far as cognitive function focus, and memory. The downside is the taste is absolutely wretched. I would have given it five stars if it tasted better