You can’t speak about Longevity and increasing your health span without a discussion about healthy lean muscle management. It has been demonstrated time and again, that carrying excess fat, especially fat centrally located around our organs, increases the risk of chronic disease, morbidity and mortality. This is scary stuff.  But with a good plan and realistic expectations, we can increase our lean muscle and decrease our excess fat with small, incremental changes that, over time, will drastically improve our health.

That starts with a healthy nutrition plan, including nutritional supplements. By choosing the correct supplements, the body will begin to recognize the healthy supply of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which the body will immediately begin using to become healthier.

The LiveGood Lean Body Pack focuses on maintaining, and building the lean muscle that keeps your body healthy, while helping to burn off the excess fat that your body doesn’t need.

The LiveGood Lean Body Pack is a commonsense approach to correcting nutrient deficiencies and building lean muscle mass.

This pack includes our daily essentials pack of LiveGood Ultra Magnesium Complex, Vitamin D3K2 and our Bio-Active Complete Multi-Vitamin to cover all the essential vitamins and minerals. We’ve also included our Complete Plant Based Protein and Essential Aminos to assist with building and maintaining health muscle as well as supporting our energy and stamina. And our Organic Healthy weight Coffee will assist with energy, focus and help curb those cravings.

How to Maximize Your Results

  1. Vitamin D3K2 Capsule -  Take 1 capsule with your first meal of the day
  2. Organic Coffee - Mix 1 scoop of powder in hot or cold water upon waking for that quick boost of energy, focus and motivation.
  3. Protein - Mid-morning – Mix 1 scoop of Plant Based Protein Powder in a smoothie or with water a mid-morning muscle feeder. This is great after a morning workout.
  4. LiveGood Essential Aminos – There is no wrong time to take these, and you can’t use too much. But definitely use at least once per day to assist with maintaining your lean muscle mass, helping with focus, energy, and even with your sleep cycle.  Essential Aminos are great for before a workout or as an afternoon refreshment.  Pro tip:  Try replacing your soda or sugary drink with LiveGood Essential Aminos!
  5. BioActive Complete Multi-Vitamin – take 2 capsules with lunch. We want to take them at least an hour separate from our Vitamin D3K2, and during the day is great as the B-vitamins may also help increase energy.
  6. Ultra Magnesium Complex – Take 2 capsules in the afternoon or before bed. Ryan’s Pro tip:  Split the dose and take 1 capsule in the afternoon to assist with managing the afternoon stress of the day and the other capsule before bed to assist with sleep

And remember, while LiveGood supplements will definitely help you improve your overall level of health, performance, and lean muscle mass, there is more to maximizing your health than just taking supplements.  It’s also important to limit the amount of sugars and processed foods you eat, exercise at least 30 minutes per day, get a good night’s rest, and eat as much natural, organic, healthy meals as possible.

And if you need any advice, or have questions, please reach out to our amazing Director of Product Education, Lisa Goodkin at anytime!