International Wellness Pack

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International Wellness Pack

Get 6 of LiveGood’s BEST SELLING PRODUCTS all in one pack, for one low price with FREE SHIPPING.

You will receive one of each of the following products:

  Bio-Active Complete Multi Vitamin – for Men or for Women

  Vitamin D3-K2 2000

  Ultra Magnesium Complex

  Organic Super Greens

  Organic Super Reds

  Factor 4 Anti Inflammatory



Important:  You may order the International Wellness Pack by itself or with other products.  If you order alone, you will pay nothing for shipping.  If you order with other products, you will not be charged for shipping the International Wellness Pack, however the other products will have shipping charges per usual.  If you are outside of the United States, your International Wellness Pack will be shipped from our international warehouse in Germany.  Any and all additional products will continue to be shipped from our headquarters in Florida, USA.

How to Use:

Bio-Active Complete Multi-Vitamin for MEN and WOMEN

Take 2 capsules by mouth once daily with food.

BEST taken WITH FOOD for the following reason:

Contains Vitamins A, E, lycopene and zexanthin which are fat soluble vitamins and fat soluble means they absorb better with food. and do not worry, the other 2 essential fat-soluble vitamins are D and K and they are found in our LiveGood D3/K2!

BEST taken in the morning since it contains Methylcobalamin (active form of B-12) which may provide a boost of energy and we do not want to negatively impact your sleep!

BEST taken EVERYDAY because many of these important vitamins and minerals must reach a steady state concentration in the body which means it takes time to establish a balance.

D3-K2 2000

Take 1-2 capsules by mouth daily with food.

BEST taken WITH FOOD in the MORNING. Vitamins D and K are both fat soluble vitamins which means they absorb better with food. We recommend taking Vitamin D in the morning because evidence suggests that the sleep-awake cycle and melatonin production and secretion is positively impacted by getting your Vitamin D dose in the morning. This makes sense since our ancestors were hunting and gathering in those early dawn hours.

BEST taken every day to maintain consistent blood levels.

Pro Tip: Ask your doc before your next blood test to add on Vitamin D level to see your level. The test is usually cheap to add on and can be covered by some insurance.

Ultra-Magnesium Complex

Take 2 capsules by mouth daily with or without food.

BEST taken separated by other medications and vitamins by at least 2 hours. A favorite routine of ours is to split the dose and take 1 capsule in the afternoon to help with the late day stress response and take the other capsule before bed to support the sleep cycle. If preferred and easier, take both capsules 30 minutes before bedtime. IF stomach upset occurs, take with food at lunch or dinner.


Organic Super Greens

Mix 1 scoop into water or smoothie At LEAST once per day

The most important thing is to get your greens in every day. We like to mix our Organic Super Greens with our protein smoothie but it also tastes great in water on ice. Consider drinking the Organic Super Greens in place of a not-so-healthy beverage like soda or juice.

Pro Tip: The contents will settle if left to sit. Continue mixing while consuming.

Organic Super Reds

Mix 1 scoop into water or smoothie AT LEAST once per day.

We often drink 2 servings of red powder per day because we love it so much. Since Organic Super Reds help increase Nitric Oxide which helps increase blood circulation, we like to use this as a pre-workout or an afternoon pick-me-up. If mixing as a pre-workout, consider mixing with the LiveGood Essential Aminos Fruit Punch flavor for the ultimate pump. It mixes and tastes great with just water on ice, so please consider it as a substitute for juice or soda.

Factor 4

Take 1 softgel by mouth twice daily with food and increase as tolerated. The dosing of 2 softgels per day is approximately 1.2 grams of EPA/DHA and will offer benefits in managing inflammation. A dose of 3-4 grams of EPA/DHA which is 6-8 softgels per day, will offer benefits in lowing triglycerides.

The softgels contain an oil mixture, please swallow whole and do not cut or chew. BEST taken every day.

Pro Tip: If you experience a fishy after taste or belching, try putting them in the refrigerator.

Product Reviews:

Reviewed on May 7, 2024
Ordered Apr25 . Left the NY warehouse Apr 29 same Day when I signed up for affiliate and membership. Received the int'l pack Today May6 2024. Was surprised. I thought it takes 4weeks.
Reviewed on March 12, 2024
The quality of product is very good
Reviewed on March 7, 2024
Very incredible and very affordable product i love livegood products
Reviewed on March 4, 2024
LiveGood products are the best! Autoship turned on!!! 😍
Reviewed on February 16, 2024
Amazing product benefits of international wellness combo pack
Reviewed on January 30, 2024
I am already taking them individually before it’s even available but now that we have this 6 products in a very very good price with free shipping, I will order this monthly. No one can beat this IWP in the market of wellness company! Excellent products with excellent price!
Reviewed on January 12, 2024
I suffered from adenomyosis with non stop bleeding for 2 years. Every 2x a month, I have to go through blood transfusions. All my vitamins and minerals depleted and as my doctor said, how could I still walk with ferretine at -3?! After surgery, I needed to recover my health, and all my maintenance were expensive. I was drawn to the products of Livegood to save money while seriously regaining back my health. I am blown away with every product! My energy level and focus is truly felt. I wish the maximum energy pack will be available in Australia. Best combination for me.
Reviewed on December 7, 2023
Thank you very much! the order arrived quickly. ordered 11/30/23 arrived today 12/07/23
Reviewed on December 4, 2023
Great products. I have bought several times. It's just a shame I can't download CBD oil to Europe.
Reviewed on November 23, 2023
LiveGood products are so amazing
Reviewed on November 22, 2023
Wow, amazing products at an affordable price in one package!
Reviewed on November 22, 2023
With my 30 years experience in the industry LiveGood was able to give me back the enthusiasm and passion that I had lost during the years. So happy that we finally can receive this package with one of the major products without shipping cost in a very short time. Thank you to cooperate for all the efforts to give us the best business on the planet . Gabriele Ruggieri from Catania. Italy
Reviewed on November 21, 2023
There are my favorite products inside! I have been consuming some of them for several months already. Now that we have this package in Europe I can order them much more easily and help more people improve their health!
Reviewed on November 21, 2023
The best deal I have ever seen on these products. How amazing to get 6 products with this price point.