AM/PM Patch Pack

LiveGood Patches deliver a unique blend of highly absorbable, healthy, natural ingredients directly through the skin and into the bloodstream to provide a sustained and rejuvenating energizing boost that last for hours.

Our powerful blend of vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts work together synergistically to invigorate the body helping to provide healthy energy, positive mood, increased focus, and support greater overall performance, all while helping to combat fatigue to help you conquer the day!


How to use:  Remove the patch from the backing and press directly onto an area of skin where there is little to no hair (inside of wrist, hip, shoulder, ankle).  Clean and dry the skin where the patch will go prior to applying, as any oils, creams, or lotions could compromise the adhesiveness and performance. 

You should start to feel the effects of the LiveGood Patches within about 30 minutes of application.  Remove and discard patch after 8 hours.  Do not re-use an already used patch.

Apply the Energy and Focus Patch anytime in the morning or throughout the day.  And apply the Sleep Patch 30 minutes before bed.